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About Katherine O'Mally

The Folk Project

Katherine O'Mally was a mythical girl whose beautiful voice caused rooms full of people to cry like children from joy. She traveled with Timmy Tyler, whose guitar playing incited riots. One night, Timmy Tyler and Katherine O'Mally happened upon a strange performance space, and the director insulted Katherine with the nickname "Kathy."  Timmy incited a riot and was killed. Legend has it that after that night, Katherine's voice and songs only caused people great pain.  She vowed never to sing again, and her voice dried up.  But she will sing again...

Katherine O'Mally, Folk Project is comprised of a revolving door of musicians and poets. The spirit of Mythical O'Mally and Tyler is kept alive by young musicians performing beautiful and sometimes disturbing music with acoustic instruments. There would not be a Katherine O'Mally without the self proclaimed "Second Coming."

A woman mountain biking; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Katherine O'Malley takes inspriration from: Cat Power, Hemingway, Jewel, Patty Smith, Tchaikovsky, Shastakovich, Simon and Garfunkel, ee cummings and all free spirits.