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Say Farewell...

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Open Mics:
Tuesday, 10/7 at THE CAVE in Chapel Hill
If you're in NC, help a sister out!

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Katherine O'Mally is currently seeking shows at coffee houses, venues, parties, benefits. If you are interested in booking, please contact. (link at top) Demos will be provided on request.

Katherine O'Mally is currently hard at work in the studio recording their debut CD, titled "Songs of Delusion and Disillusionment."  Tentative track listing:
1. Epic
2. Genelle
3. Ball and Chain
4. Dedicatee
5. Bathroom Etiquette
6. Self Esteem
7. Flowers and Weeds
8. Fairytale 2002
9. White Flag
10. A Rose For Emily
11. Paved
12. Hook